Certified Bedbug Professionals

Certified Bedbug Professionals

Lane Pest Control is a certified Bedbug Free company and can help you get your home back. Find us at BedBug Central and to learn more about bedbugs.

Our Service

Our Bedbug treatment is a very detailed treatment. Including vacuuming, steam treatment and then insecticide treatment. Its important to remember that bedbugs are small and easily spread if you start removing items from the infested room.

All our Bedbug treatments come with Protect-A-Bed Covers and BlackOuts for the feet of your bed. Give us a call if you suspect bedbugs and we can help you implement the best treatment plan for your home.

Sleep tight, we've got you covered.

About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are a small reddish-brown insect found worldwide. They feed off blood and are not know to transmit diseases to humans. They can be found in a variety of places such as homes, and motels. They don't fly but can move easily over floors, walls, furniture and are commonly moved to new locations through furniture, clothing and suitcases.

Red itchy welts can be an indication that you've come into contact with bedbugs. Though it can take up to 14 days before the welt appears. Bedbugs are hard to notice becasue of their small sizes and preferences of living in dark crevices. To check for bedbugs first check the seams and folds of mattresses. With heavier infestations you'll see them in baseboards and other furniture.

Bedbugs have to be introduced to your home for an infestation to occur. There are several tips to use when traveling and checking used furniture for signs that can help. For more tips on bedbugs visit BedBug Central.