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Monthly Treatments

Our outside Mosquito treatment will eliminate mosquitos in and around your lawn and flower beds with products that will give you a Mosquito free lawn for an entire month. If they come back so will we! One month guaranteed.

We'll also educate you on the breeding habits of Mosquitos as well as inspecting your home and lawn for such harborage areas. These could be gutters that are not draining, flower pots holding water, or even bird baths. It only takes a bottle cap of water to breed Mosquitoes.

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How We Do It

Our mosquito treatments include the In2Care Mosquito Trap. It lures mosquitoes and infects them with a special slow-killing larvicide which they spread to other breeding sites (which are often hard to find and treat) so that mosquito larvae are not only killed inside the trap but also in its vicinity. This is combined with a biological adulticide that kills the contaminated mosquito after a few days to prevent her from transmitting any viruses. In this way, the product kills the mosquitoes and their offspring, so populations are reduced and disease transmission risks are lowered significantly. Watch the video to learn more.

Enjoy your yard without mosquitoes!

About Mosquitoes

Mosquito Control

Did you know mosquitoes are the deadliest animal? Mosquitoes cause more deaths than any other animal. They can carry a number of diseases, such as west nile, malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis. They are also carriers of heartworm, which is often lethal to dogs and expensive to treat.

To help control and eliminate mosquitoes the most important step to take is eliminating any standing water or slowly moving water. This will remove a mosquitoes breeding ground. If you have water features in your yard they can be treated or filled with minnows.

While its not possible to control all the water around your property you can treat your yard monthly with sprays to help control the adult mosquitoes.