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We treat your lawn and flower beds with a special granular insecticide that will get to where the ants are and knock them out for a full year. The design of this product causes the ants to forage through the product and then carry it back to the Queen and the rest of the colony. Effectively spreading the active ingredient gives you your lawn back ant free. This service comes with a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

What Client's Say

  • Lane Pest Control has been doing my restaurant for about 3 years now, they have given us exceptional service, very kind and very reasonable. I definitely would recommend them to everyone! If you have not given them a try you must! The entire crew is phenomenal.
    LayLa Dmairi, Restaurant Owner
  • Lane Pest Control treated my trailer in Afton Grove and I am very pleased with the service I received. I even received a Thank You Card. If needed I will definitely use their polite, professional service again. Thank you Carl and the serviceman that came out the first time.
    Suzanne Hardin, Home Owner

Protect their summer fun.

Learn more about Fire Ants

Fire ants are an aggressive and common nuisance in the southern United States. Known for their painful stings fire ants are estimated to have an impact of over $1 billion annually in the state of Texas.

They prefer warm and sunny conditions and their nests can be mounds of dirt up to 24 inches in diameter and seven inches high. Thousands of fire ants can live in each mound and if their nest is disturbed they will swarm and attack what is disturbing them.

Mounds tend to be visable after rainfall when the ants move up from the wet soil and disappear in hot or dry temperatures as the ants move lower in the ground. Mounds are built closest to where the ants can find food and water. Be careful of debri or objects that have been on the ground for a time.